What is a management system?

A management system is a collection of principles, processes and approaches that your organization should use to ensure that you carry out what is required to achieve your goals. Management systems can have different orientations and be used to ISO certify, improve your quality and environmental work or create processes for a more process-oriented work. Management can use the management system as a tool to plan, follow up and ensure that the business is run according to established routines. Employees can use the management system to find relevant information regarding tasks and policies. Let your digital management system be a support in your daily work.

Take advantage of your management system.

With your management system, you have the opportunity to do a process mapping to identify your organization’s processes. If you need to report deviations, accidents or incidents within the business this can easily be done via your management system and the person responsible for a matter can easily follow up and investigate it. Develop your quality work with your management system by planning, documenting, following up, analyzing and developing your work. Make quality and equivalence visible, what you do, why you do it and what it leads to. Understand how you develop your systematic quality work and achieve success with your management system.

Management system in SharePoint.

SharePoint is a web-based platform included in Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365, where you can specifically store and manage documents. With SharePoint, you can store documents in the cloud instead of each employee storing documents on their own computer. Access your files everywhere, no matter what device you use or where you are. Use your SharePoint management system to search for documents or employees within your organization. Become more efficient in your search for information and save valuable time.

The benefits of management systems

Quality assure your work

Use your management system in the right way and establish clear guidelines for a more structured way of working. With the help of a management system you can easily follow up on whether your business reaches your goals and thereby ensure the quality of your work. Let your management system become a reliable living digital tool that simplifies the entire organizations everyday life.

Increased information security

Create a structured and systematic work for information security with your management system. Design policies where you describe the focus for information security with requirements, responsibilities and goals and create control documents with routines and rules. Follow up continuously and ensure that they comply with GDPR and ISO 27001.

Map processes

Build your management system by creating processes that describes your organization and the way you work. Define how you want to use your management system and determine which guidelines you want to work according to, then follow up and ensure that your business is run according to your routines.


Why do we need a management system?

The management system helps you to manage and run the business according to established routines. Use it as a systematic support that helps you achieve the business’s goals and to prevent mistakes instead of fixing deviations. Use your management system to create a common platform for continuous improvement work.

What are the benefits of a management system?

Use your management system to get an overview and control over your business and to follow up and control your systematic quality work. Work in a common and agreed way and reduce the risk of lower productivity, quality deficiencies, waste, incidents and accidents. When your organization grows quickly you can use your management system to onboard many new employees in an efficient way and create a better employee experience.

Can standards be met with the management system?

Our management system can be used to meet several different standards, such as quality (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 140001) and information security (ISO 270001). The standards contain the requirements that the management system must meet if you want to become certified.

How can Tahoe help us with management systems?

InSight is our turnkey product for management systems that is easily implemented in Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. We train and support you during the implementation so that you can get the best possible benefit from your management system. With InSight you get a user-friendly and mobile management system because we always maintain compatibility with news from Microsoft.