Let the communication flow with your intranet

Take your communication to a new level and reach out with relevant information to all employees, wherever they are. With BaseDrum you get your new digital communication channel in place quickly and easily.

Benefits of BaseDrum

Quick to implement

Since BaseDrum is a turnkey solution, it is simple and easy to implement a new intranet in SharePoint and Microsoft 365. With BaseDrum and our proven process, we help you get your new intranet in place quickly and smoothly. We also educate you and your colleagues so that you can immediately start benefiting from your new intranet.

Unleash the power of Microsoft 365

With BaseDrum you will benefit from all the capabilities and tools of Microsoft 365. You also get increased value through BaseDrum, which you take advantage of side by side with Microsoft’s standard functionality. This is without ever compromising on keeping up with Microsoft’s development of Microsoft 365.

Always updated

With BaseDrum we keep your intranet continuously updated with new and value-creating functions. We also guarantee that we maintain compatibility with news in Microsoft 365. You will thus be confident in always having a modern and fresh intranet that develops over time.

Reach out to everyone

Reach out with news and important information to even more people with BaseDrum. Inform and engage your employees, no matter where they are, with relevant target group-adapted information at the right time. Keep everyone updated with the help of push notifications on the mobile, newsletters in the email and digital information screens in your premises. BaseDrum helps you communicate more powerfully and efficiently. Strengthen the corporate culture, feel connected and increase employee engagement.

Collaborate better

BaseDrum makes it easier for you and your colleagues to work digitally as a team. With BaseDrum you will get better collaboration between SharePoint and Teams, which means that you can take your digital workplace to a whole new level. This allows you to take better advantage of investments already made in Microsoft 365 and accelerate your productivity.

Nothing can stop a team

With BaseDrum you get an overview of your project portfolio and get a better opportunity to prioritize and make better decisions. Set up project templates based on your project model, structure files and document templates and get your document flows in order. Report project status directly from Teams and keep all project members and stakeholders updated.

Communicate effectively

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