A management system for everyone

Streamline your processes and ensure quality. Involve and engage even more people in your quality work.

Benefits of InSight

Quick to implement

Because InSight is a turnkey solution, it is easy and convenient to implement in SharePoint and Microsoft 365. With the help of InSight’s import tool and our proven process we help you move to your new management system. We also educate you and your colleagues so that you can immediately start benefit from your new management system.

A management system that is actually used

InSight is easy to use and easy to take part of for everyone in your organisation, no matter where you work. It is also mobile and easily accessible everywhere and ready to integrate with your intranet and Teams.

Always updated

With InSight we keep your management system continuously updated with new and value-creating functions. We also guarantee that we maintain compatibility with news in Microsoft 365. You can be sure that you will always have a modern and fresh management system that develops over time.

Streamline your processes

Support the business with the right documents and templates at the right time and in the right place. InSight helps you to communicate and work according to your established processes and get a higher effect from your controlled documents.

My management system in focus

Personalize and role-based access to processes and governing documents that are relevant to me, my role or my function. With InSight it is possible to collect everything in one place.

Get best at getting better

Enable all users to easily report and follow deviations, risks and internal audits. Get a better overview and control over your quality-. work environment and environmental deviations as well as audits. Measure, follow up and work in a structured way with preventive measures and continuous improvements.

Features of InSight

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