Digital community.

With an intranet, you can ensure that all colleagues have access to correctly updated information regardless of which device they use. Give employees the opportunity to comment on posts on the intranet and get in touch with managers and colleagues online. If your employees work in different places, it is an advantage to use your intranet to celebrate success and share knowledge so that everyone will feel like they are part of the community. SharePoint intranet is suitable for both smaller and larger companies that want to build their corporate culture online.

Streamline your work.

Create a better digital workplace for all employees with your digital intranet. In your intranet, all employees can find correct information directly and become more efficient in their search for information. Take advantage of your SharePoint intranet and Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365, to manage information and policies for new hires. Create a structured intranet where employees can find answers to questions such as how to report sick leave or apply for a holiday. Publish your personnel policy on your intranet so employees know what is expected of them and let your company’s values ​​and culture shine through and be part of your SharePoint intranet.

SharePoint intranet.

SharePoint is a web-based platform that is a part of Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365, where you can communicate internally. Employees can receive information and news, regardless of which device they use or where they are located. Let your intranet in SharePoint be a way into your digital workplace where information is gathered and where employees can interact with each other. Experience an improved digital workplace with your intranet.

Create value with your intranet

Communicate and engage

With the help of an intranet, you can build a digital network within your organization. Communicate important events or changes to reach out to all employees at the same time, no matter where they are. Publish important messages and news directly via the intranet to all concerned. Engage employees with the opportunity to comment on posts and news.

Share knowledge between users

You can use your intranet to easily communicate, collaborate and work effectively both individually and in teams. Communicate knowledge within your organization by sharing access to important documents. Create a social intranet where everyone in your organization can easily stay up to date.

Develop your digital workplace

In your intranet, you can give employees access to everything from personnel news to governing documents using SharePoint and Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365. With the intranet, you can create, collect and share information in one place to facilitate collaboration in all parts of your business. Let the intranet be the hub of your digital workplace.


Does SharePoint intranet work for all companies?

SharePoint intranet is for all types of companies that want to streamline their communication and take their digital collaboration to a new level.

What are the benefits of an intranet?

With an intranet, you can share information and reach out to all employees no matter where they are. Strengthen the employee experience and your digital workplace with your intranet.

What should we think about before acquiring an intranet?

An important part to consider before acquiring an intranet is to create a clear strategy with the user in focus and concentrate on the structure of the content in your intranet.

How can Tahoe help us with an intranet?

BaseDrum is our turnkey intranet product that is easily implemented in Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. We train and support you during the implementation so that you can get the best possible benefit from your intranet. With BaseDrum you get a user-friendly mobile intranet because we always maintain compatibility with news from Microsoft.