We are releasing InSight Perform 2.4!

News | 07.09.23

There is now a new version of our turnkey management system available to our customers.

Document inspection

Introducing document inspection that can be applied to specific documents on individual processes. If applied, authors can send draft documents for inspection. The inspector can then correct content if needed before sending it to the approver.

Filter and save views

All users can now create and save personal views in the Controlled Documents web part. You can also bookmark views on a process to make it available from the My Management system page.

Specify users and groups for process charts

A new feature is that you can set up a standard group that can manage process charts. Administrators can also set process chart editors for individual processes if needed.

Formal changes

Administrators can now make changes in a document without affecting the version history.

Archive processes

Application administrators can now archive processes. Archived processes are not shown in the Process overview or published to controls.

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