News, Success stories19.10.22

Effective communication and a modern management system for ROL

News, Success stories | 19.10.22

Today ROL has an intranet that helps them reach out to all employees and a modern management system with the possibility to personalize and role-base access to processes and controlled documents.

ROL – “uses experience and competence to solve challenges”

ROL is a global company that offers a range of products and services that enable inspiring, integrated and sustainable solutions where we live, work, shop and hangs out. For over 30 years they have developed and delivered products and solutions that are used in thousands of stores and offices around the world. Today there are around 1,000 employees in various countries.

Inform and engage employees

Stefan Sonéus, Head of Marketing Communication at ROL, is responsible for the intranet and says that they were in need of a new intranet to reach out with the same information to all employees, regardless of what country they work in. When they found BaseDrum from Tahoe, it felt like an obvious match: “We chose Tahoe because they listened to what we needed and what we wanted from our intranet. The implementation process that followed was extremely good with clear and quick answers to the questions we had. It was truly a joint success!”

ROL has been working with their intranet since spring 2022 and today Stefan thinks that it has a positive impact on the business:

“With BaseDrum we reach out to all employees, which in turn increases transparency within the organization. Through an internal measurement, we can confirm that our new intranet is intuitive and mobile.”

Stefan Sonéus, Head of Marketing Communication, ROL.

User-friendly management system

In the spring of 2022 ROL upgraded from InSight Perform 1.10 to InSight Perform 2. In Perform 2 users can take advantage of improved support for mobile users and simplified handling of documents to even more easily create and update documents. Saddia Hidalgo, Head of Sustainability at ROL, has overall responsibility for the management system and says that they now work in a modern and flexible interface:

“With the My Management System function, we can personalize and role-base access to processes and documents relevant to each person and role. We can easily collect everything in one place with InSight.”

Saddia Hidalgo, Head of Sustainability, ROL.

Stefan and Saddia agree that the support is there when needed: “We always get a quick response and reliable help in case of any questions. Tahoe’s support gets 10 points!”

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