BaseDrum at the forefront of next generation intranet products with Microsoft 365

News | 11.11.19

The English analysis company Clearbox Consulting annually produces a comprehensive report in which they evaluate all relevant intranet products for SharePoint and Microsoft 365 on the market. The BaseDrum from Tahoe Solutions is one of 30 products to receive a thorough review.

We are happy to state that BaseDrum is at the forefront of next-generation intranet products that are completely based on Modern SharePoint.

BaseDrum scores high in the categories most important to most companies when it comes to intranets. For example great reviews are given around the smooth news management, the efficient collaboration and project management functions and the product’s well thought out and appealing user experience.

Clearbox summarizes the product as follows:

“BaseDrum is an easy to use intranet from Tahoe that gives a pleasant experience build on Modern SharePoint.”

It is also clear that our product strategy is right for everyone who wants to be able to follow along in Microsoft 365’s continued development. BaseDrum adds value without compromising the ability to take full advantage of the advances and innovations Microsoft continuously brings to Microsoft 365 and SharePoint.

The report is available here:

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