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An intranet and management system for sustainable development

News, Success stories | 08.11.21

Today VafabMiljö has an intranet that helps them communicate with all employees and a management system to handle processes and controlled documents in a smooth way. Read the story of why they chose BaseDrum and InSight from Tahoe to support their sustainable development.

VafabMiljö – for a sustainable society

With the vision “Together we create the sustainable society”, VafabMiljö works with the recycling of materials and energy to make use of the resources available. VafabMiljö is formed by the municipalities in Västmanland County as well as Heby and Enköping municipalities. There are a total of 270 employees divided into different areas of expertise.

Improved digital workplace

At the end of 2019, VafabMiljö carried out the procurement of a new intranet and management system. They had come to the end of the road with their existing solutions and needed a fresh start: “About a third of our employees are mobile users and do not have access to a computer in their daily work. We saw a great need for a mobile intranet where we can easily reach out to everyone, which was not met with our previous solution,” says Anders Ericsson, Communication Supervisor.

Anna Helsing, System Manager at VafabMiljö, has been administratively responsible for the management system since it was put into operation almost a year ago and remembers how it happened when they chose Tahoe: “We had a list of requirements and wishes in the procurement and for every question, we asked we got a really good response. If there was something that was difficult or impossible to do, we received suggestions for alternative solutions – which turned out to be even better than what we thought.”

Accessible systems for everyone

A common requirement regarding intranets and management systems was accessibility. They wanted systems that are well integrated with each other:

“We wanted an access management system and we got that by connecting our management system with our intranet. We also do not want people to think that they are inside a complicated management system – it should be simple, which it is with InSight.”

Anna Helsing, System Administrator, VafabMiljö.

Regarding the intranet, they wanted to collect information digitally in one place and create a portal experience for the users, which Anders believes they now have achieved: “Our intranet is like the entrance to a large library. You come in, you look around and find what you are looking for.”

User-friendly intranet and management system

One year after its launch VafabMiljö feels that they now have a modern and fresh intranet:

It’s easy to use BaseDrum, we can easily go in and update the intranet without any prior knowledge, just a little computer experience.”

Anders Ericsson, Communication Supervisor, VafabMiljö.

Anders also says that: “In the past, you could miss news and changes that were published on our intranet, you no longer do that.”

With InSight, they have a management system that is easy to work in. Anna also appreciates that they clearly see who is responsible for which documents and who is the process owner: “Users can easily create documents and thanks to InSight our work has become easier, smoother and clearer.”

Reliable support

Anders and Anna agree that the support from Tahoe is reliable: “We know that if we send in a support case, it will be handled. We get answers almost immediately and even if it can not be solved right away, we know for sure that it will be done. You always get feedback and know that nothing will be left unturned.”

We look forward to continued good cooperation with VafabMiljö!