News, Success stories11.04.22

A better digital work environment and safer work

News, Success stories | 11.04.22

With InSight Kraftringen has a user-friendly management system that makes it easy for employees to stay up-to-date on the company guidelines and policies.

Kraftringen – “works with enery for future generations”

Kraftringen produces renewable and locally produced electricity with the ambition to lead the development of future energy. They focus on local energy solutions to contribute to sustainable growth and to use natural resources efficiently. Kraftringen is owned by the municipalities of Lund, Eslöv, Hörby and Lomma and there are currently approximately 580 employees. For just over a year now, they have had InSight as their management system.

A user-friendly management system

Kraftringen needed to create a better digital tool for governing documents. The purpose of easily finding routines, regulations, etc. is to create a better digital work environment for all employees. Kalle Norberg, archive coordinator at Kraftringen, says that they carried out a procurement of a new management system where the choice fell on InSight: “The system met the requirements we had and we got in good contact with Andreas Levin, product owner for InSight, so Tahoe really felt like a good and safe partner.”

Management system for all employees

“With the new tool the user-friendliness has increased both for administrators and colleagues in the business. Now the same information is shared more easily than before and we get our routines out in the business in a more efficient way. With good digital support, the conditions for our governing documents to be shared and complied with increase”

Kalle Norberg, Archive coordinator, Kraftringen

Reliable delivery process

According to Kalle, the delivery for InSight was a positive and smooth process and they currently receive help when needed: “Tahoe supported us with workshops and training to prepare for the launch. Currently, we are in contact with Tahoe’s support when needed and we always get clear answers to questions.”

We at Tahoe look forward to a long-term collaboration with Kraftringen!