We have released BaseDrum Communicate 1.10!

News | 18.10.23

A new version of BaseDrum Communicate is now available for installation for our customers.

Tahoe Administration

BaseDrum Communicate 1.10 includes a complete re-design of Tahoe Administration. Now you can easily make changes in the mega menu structure by using drag and drop, and create new items in the menu and their corresponding sites from one place. When you create a site for the Mega menu you can select a site template from the SharePoint gallery or from templates saved in your organization. A new interface is also included for displaying and managing Tools and Important Messages.

KPI Counter

In the new version the KPI counter comes with exciting new functions, such as number formatting styles to show the max value and even the percentage of the max value. For the bar, arc and circle styles you can now turn on progress colors that smoothly transition the color of the progress animation from red to yellow to green.
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