Tahoe 15 years!

News | 13.09.22

Since 2007 we have been helping our customers get more out of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. We currently have over 175 installations of our turnkey products in all types of companies and industries. It is great fun that more and more companies today see Tahoe as the obvious choice and we are very happy and humbled by what we have achieved together. During the past year, we have sharpened our offer with updated products and strengthened our organization with new colleagues.

We are here for you

When you invest in Tahoe’s turnkey products you get access to our Customer Success Program after launch. We want to make it easier for you to get more use and benefit from our turnkey products for intranets and management systems, and through our Customer Success Program, you are given the opportunity to develop your solution together with us.

Curious about us and our solutions?

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