New version of InSight Improve available!

News | 13.04.21

We want to simplify the working day for our customers and users, we are therefore continuously developing our products and constantly making them a little bit sharper. As a result InSight Improve 1.2 is now available to our customers.

Keep yourself and your colleagues up to date

One of the novelties in the new version is that you as a user can choose to follow the case you created. By following the case you receive notifications when the case is updated throughout the case’s handling. If you are the owner of a case you can also add other users as followers that you want to keep updated.

Revision comments

As the person responsible for audits you can now leave comments on audits. Just like for cases it is also possible to follow and add followers for audits.

Improved support for help texts

Finally it is now even easier to add and use help texts for fields and forms.

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