Introducing InSight Perform 2.1!

News | 29.06.22

A new version of our turnkey management system is now available to our customers.

Create process maps with your branding

In Perform 2.1 we have increased the features in our own process drawing tool. There is now an expanded symbol library with more symbols for drawing process maps and you also have the option to easily add your own company-specific symbols to your own template library. All symbols in the drawing tool can now be easily customized with your company’s theme colours so that it will be even easier to stamp your process maps with your branding.

Use custom IDs for controlled documents

Now you can use custom IDs for controlling documents in the form of consecutive number series (ie 1001, 1002, 1003, etc). ID number series can start from any starting number and you can set any prefix.

Choose how you open documents from the context menu

You can also set which options a user has to choose from to open documents from the context menu in the document library; choose between online mode, client app or whether both options should be available.

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