Introducing InSight Improve 3.0!

News | 11.04.24

A new version of InSight Improve is now available for installation by our customers.

Chat function

Users involved in or previously engaged with a case can tag each other in messages. Each chat thread will be saved with the related item in the SharePoint list. 

Cases list

New settings in the web part that show the lists of cases. The new settings allow you to see your lists in full width, filter panels for all columns, and sort cases based on columns. A new feature is also that comes with a context menu with the following functions:
- Open case
- Follow / Unfollow case.
- Message active owner.

Tahoe Administration

Tahoe Administration now gives you the freedom to configure the product and make changes to your case types. You will now be able to change the name of your different case types and change the color of the buttons and the content within the forms.
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