News, Success stories30.08.21

Clear routines and equal work for Thage in Skåne AB

News, Success stories | 30.08.21

With Tahoe’s digital management system Thage has gained a clearer structure of its quality work and a better overview of its processes. Today they can ensure that they work according to their established routines and who is responsible for what.

Thage – builds southern Sweden with quality

With long experience, Thage offers customers comprehensive solutions in construction contracting and construction services. Today they are part of Thage Group, which consists of five companies with approximately 400 employees. Thage currently has InSight in place and soon it’s time to launch InSight for two more companies within the group.

User-friendly digital management system

Thage needed a digital management system that could help them structure their work routines and simplify everyday life for both management and employees. Like many other companies they previously had a more difficult-to-navigate management system that did not provide the use and benefit that the business needs. My Engdahl, responsible for management systems and KMA Generalist at Thage, together with KMA manager Sven Nilsson began to look around for a new digital management system. They found Tahoe with their turnkey solution InSight, which seemed to be a perfect fit for Thage. After a demo and with Thage’s mindset “it should be easy to do right and difficult to do wrong”, InSight felt like an obvious choice. In the spring of 2020 the collaboration started:

“We immediately noticed that InSight was a user-friendly system. For us, it is important that the handling of documents is simple and fast, and that is exactly what it is with InSight.”

My Engdahl, KMA-Generalist – Thage i Skåne AB

Fast installation and reliable support

What was it like getting started with InSight then? According to My, it has been a very smooth process and she quickly learned how to manage the system: “The installation went incredibly fast and I could start creating processes and documents in InSight almost immediately.”

Throughout the process, she has felt secure that Tahoe is there when needed: “When I get stuck and need support and help I contact the help desk and always get quick answers and support. It is nice to have someone to discuss the technical issues with!”

Equal work within the organization

One of Thage’s needs was to clarify processes and how they work and to draw attention to who is the process owner and who has responsibility for these. My describes that the biggest difference today is that they now have a system that is easy for everyone to use and that is appreciated within the organization: “The best thing is that we now have an easy-to-use system that describes our business and how we work. InSight makes it easy to work equally within the organization and we also reduce the risk of making mistakes.”

We at Tahoe look forward to our future collaboration with Thage!